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Can I increase the size of my solar system in the future? The size of your roof space and inverter will determine if you can increase the size of your system.

How do I check the performance of my solar system? Most inverters allow you to monitor the performance of your solar system through a mobile app. The application will provide a live feed of how much energy your system is generating.

What are the financial benefits of solar? A solar system will save you hundreds on your energy bill and it will protect you against the increase in electricity rates in the future.


What is a grid connected solar system? Solar panel systems are usually connected to the electricity supply grid. The inverter converts the DC low voltage power generated by the solar panelsto a 240VAC household supply that is safe for residential use. The smart meter monitors the amount of electricity that is drawn from or fed back into the grid. Where excess “green” electricity is fed into the grid, the meter ticks backwards, so the household is only charged for the difference between what is fed and drawn.

How do I get my solar connected to the grid? We will submit an application to your electricity distributor to connect your solar where applicable. Upon receipt of the approval, we will schedule your installation date.

How do I signup for the standard feed in tariff?You can sign up for standard feed-in tariffs through your electricity retailer. They will provide your tariff options to you after installation.

Can I change my electricity providerto one with a better feed in tariff?We recommend that you switch providers after your solar is connected as switching during connection may result in delays in connection to the grid.


Do I have to be home during the installation?On the day of installation, the home owner must be present at the commencement and also the completion of the installation to sign off on the work. We will also take this opportunity to brief you on the system operation.

How long does an average installation take? The duration of the installation is dependent on the size of the solar power system. The larger the system, the longer the installation process. On average a 3kw system will take around 3-5 hours to be installed.

If you are in VictoriaThe Victorian energy safe regulator requires all electrical work to be inspected by a qualified, independent inspector. This will be organised by your installer shortly after your installation. This is only applicable in Victoria.


Why do I need a new meter and when will it be installed? You’ll need a solar smart meter that can handle electricity feeding to and from the grid. It’s called a bi- directional import / export meter. Your electricity retailer will install the solar smart meter once the following has occurred:

  • The solar system has been installed
  • Your paperwork has been signed and
  • Your system has been inspected – please note inspection is only a requirement in Victoria.

What if I already have a smart meter?Your meter will still need to be reconfigured to work with solar.